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New investment opportunities were created as part of a new product for High-Net-Worth clients and their Investment Managers at Citi Private Bank.

01 Ideation

Citi Private Bank wanted to bring new investment opportunities to its High-Net-Worth Clients via an interactive platform their managers could use as a resource.

We helped Citi managers explore and conceptualise many ideas for a new Opportunities product.

Several workshops were held with the client to sketch out and play back possibilities.


02 User Focus

The Opportunities product was to sit inside a larger product which was also being re-imagined as part of this wider plan to create a new resource for client managers.

Citi High-Net-Worth personas had already been developed, and I started with these personas to map out a near and far future journey, based on workshops and expert consultation.

Each journey was mapped onto the high-level architecture of the new investment platform.

A journey heat-map was generated to demonstrate priority areas of the new architecture.


03 Creating a story

The opportunities user journeys were used as the basis of low-fidelity storyboards to create a conceptual vision for the opportunities product. An opportunities 'radar' was one of the ideas that came out of client brainstorming sessions, and it became foundation of the concept.


04 Detailed product vision

We achieved client buy-in on the radar concept and proceeded to create detailed interactive wireframes of the new product within the navigational structure of the new platform.

The prototypes offered stakeholders the vision to go forward with an MVP of the Citi Private Bank app.

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