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The Challenge

An Investment Opportunities section was to be developed as part of a new iPad app.

Unlike the Portfolio section, Opportunities had not existed in previous Citi Private Bank platforms, so it was brand new creative territory.


01 Ideation

We helped the client explore and conceptualise many ideas for the new Opportunities section.

Several workshops were held with the client to sketch out and play back possibilities.


02 User Journeys

  • ​A near and far future journey for each persona was imagined, based on workshops and expert consultation

  • Each journey was mapped onto pre-existing high level architecture 

  • A journey heat-map was generated to demonstrate priority areas


03 Storyboards

Lo-fi storyboards were created to illustrate key user journeys through the app


04 Interactive Prototypes

  • Detailed interactive prototypes replaced rough concepts

  • The prototypes offered stakeholders the vision to go forward with an MVP of the Citi Private Bank app

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