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The Challenge

Create an app presenting environmental food data, beautifully designed. 

The primary challenge was generating and presenting quantitative data via a user friendly, engaging experience.


01 Discovery

The discovery stage included brainstorming, concepting, personas, and user journeys.  


02 Product Design Vision

I formulated a brand product vision and design language, which evolved as the product progressed.  Key design principles include Peaceful, Charming, Intelligent, and Natural.

03 UX Design & Prototyping

My wire framing was lean - creating screen flows rather than a fully interactive prototype.

I started creating high fidelity screen mockups (Sketch & Invision) for spontaneous in-person user testing on the back of sketchy wireframes.

04 Development was the chosen dev solution. My life became 6-12 hours of Bubble a day for about 8 months.
The overall design, UI details and user flow changed quite a bit as I proceeded as the developer. 

I enjoyed creating fresh assets and interface solutions, enabling each development milestone.


05 Native Optimisation & Launch

Between the dual-platform BDK testing app & Apple TestFlight feedback, I was able to iron out big and small glitches in order to successfully launch on the stores. 


Plantify the App

Available on Google and Apple stores


Plantify the Social Brand

Work continues building the brand presence of Plantify, with Earth Food Facts (blog), and My Plantified World (Instragram)

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