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Market Logic helps businesses leverage consumer insights and market intelligence.

At Market Logic, I led a design squad in the transformation of several key tools including Knowledge Zones, Research Manager, and Ipsos Insight Cloud.

Ipsos Insight Cloud is an AI learning network that is fuelled by curation and nurtured by experts. 

01 Imagine the experience

Ipsos worked with Market Logic to create a tool that would help marketing professionals find and create new insights in an interlinked mesh of knowledge.

This translated into two main functionalities, Search and Build.

The design team worked with a list of requirements and a metaphoric vision of an insight constellation.

We studied the requirements and sketched out ideas.


  1. The Build Tool made creating content easy



2.  The Search Tool was an infinite knowledge visualisation


The constellation metaphor was central to the product concept. 

We worked with developers to understand our visualisation options.



My initial visualisation extrapolated a solar system and galaxy structure.



After several rounds of client feedback and technical experimentation, this evolved into more of a free-form cluster of complex molecules.


02 User-informed prototyping

The prototypes went through several iterations based on three user testing rounds with Ipsos users.


Tag clouds are better if they look like clickable buttons.

I need to drill into themes to find sub-themes.

Are the tags manual?  Is there a way to curate tags?

Can we attach documents and links to comments?

How strong are

the connections?

03 Refinement

The Insight Cloud Constellation metaphor was refined in collaboration with stakeholders, developers and users.


The Insight Creation Tool was refined and simplified to maximise ease of use.


04 Next generation insight cloud

The new Ipsos Insight Cloud brought insight curation to life with an exciting new look and feel and AI technology.  The universe of insights inside each cloud are represented in this state of the art discovery graph.

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