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The Challenge

A new responsive site was required with an elegant new design and sophisticated content discovery - optimised for mobile and the changing needs of its discerning readership.


01 Gather Inspiration

  • Inspiration for a new digital offering was gathered from editorial stakeholders, advertising executives, and the digital team.  We collected ideas and a held design thinking workshop.


02 Create Customer Journeys

  • The target customers were clarified based on customer interviews, stakeholder guidance and marketing personas

  • Key journeys were created based on user needs and business KPIs such as social reach and page impressions


03  Create an Informed Architecture

  • A new structure was created based on traffic analysis, user needs and business KPIs

  • The structure was visualised as menu designs and refined by stakeholders


04 Create & Test Prototypes 

  • Several prototype variants were created and tested one-on-one and guerrilla style

  • Prototypes were finalised based on test results and carefully integrated advertising requirements 


05 Document & Release

  • Documentation focused on a component based responsive plan required by developers to achieve aggressive launch dates

  • The re-launch was an immediate success in terms of advertising revenue and traffic

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