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The launch of HealthForceGo Client App made booking temporary staff easy for Care Home Managers.

01 Client App proposition

The HealthForceGo Client app is a new staff booking app for care home managers.

Clients had previously booked using a legacy system or over the phone during office hours.

The main goal of the product was to make it easier for managers to book staff, thereby increasing overall shifts created, and bookings filled for Newcross.

A secondary goal was to replace the legacy client booking system and reduce calls to Newcross staff.


As UX/UI Designer I created the end-to-end experience, which was been rolled out gradually to over 4,000 care homes in the UK.

For native iOS and Android

For responsive web

02 Understanding the requirements

The main challenge was to understand the unique processes for booking care staff. 
I first studied the requirements documents and created flows in Whimsical to map them out.

I also studied the legacy client system as well as the internal booking system which would continue to serve as the Newcross administration interface for this product.

Create Single 1 Field (done).png

Video calls with care home managers at the beginning of the process were invaluable to fully understand and prioritise the needs of the end-users.

We discussed their wish list for the new system as well as the problems of the current system.


03 A collaborative ideation process

It was an interesting and productive experience to co-create wireframes and flows using Whimsical.
I worked through the process with my colleague who had already created the HealthForceGo staff app.

This way, complex UX flows were thought through with constant feedback and idea exchange.

04 Iterative prototyping and testing

Once I reached a point where the prototypes were ready for a higher fidelity presentation, I returned to the care home managers to test them out.  Newcross staff who used the administration system also tested the ideas.

Their insights helped iron out awkward moments and make sure we addressed their biggest wishes. 

They helped create the block booking and favourites features that would make all the difference to their experience.

Managers loved the idea that they could instantly see and select who of their favourites were available for their shifts.

Confirm same person BLANK.png

05 Success 

With the new app, managers are able to book staff anytime, outside office hours, which makes a huge difference to their administrative load.

It is also easier for them to re-book previous staff and maintain continuity for their residents, increasing the quality of life in their homes.

The app has been gradually rolled out to regions across the UK, transforming the way managers and Newcross staff handle bookings.  Bookings are on track to eclipse previous numbers.

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