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A new approach for aging SAAS tools improved overall retention and revenue.

01 Understand the problems & goals

Kobalt is a music distribution company and a digital rights and royalties management platform. 

Its label
AWAL (Artists without a Label), represents thousands of artists, helping independent musicians grow their careers.

The AWAL music publishing and performance tracking platforms needed more focus on the user base to understand how to improve the tools and attract more managers and artists to the platform.

The first step was to understand the current problems as well as the improvement goals.


02 Gather User Feedback

I walked through the Uploader and Reporting Tools with clients. 
I identified pain points & and opportunities.


03 Gather Data

  • Quantitative data indicated which areas were most used and what the users were searching for

  • This helped feed into product prioritsation


04 Understand Users

I worked with AWAL business colleagues to bring to life key users and understand detailed journeys.


05 Create a new architecture

  • Based on customer needs, a streamlined portal structure emerged, dramatically reducing pages needed, and simplifying navigation.

  • I surfaced the big headlines while allowing easy access to relevant detail on demand.

  • Both Labels and Artists shared a scaleable common structure.


05 Ideate, Prototype & Test

  • The product team brainstormed an optimised Uploader flow

  • We realised an excellent Uploader needed to be a part of an excellent AWAL product

  • Next we brainstormed a Beta site structure

  • I created detailed interactive wireframes which we tested internally for both the publishing and performance tools

  • The whole team observed prototype tests which we recorded for future reference.

  • I iterated wireframes after each detailed user test


06 Release a New Vision

I worked with a UI designer and developers to create a production-ready vision.

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