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The Challenge

Create a re-imagined music uploader and performance tracker for AWAL Music Label, informed by user feedback.

The current uploader and performance portal was considered clunky and confusing, and needed new functionality.


01 Gather User Feedback

  • User tasks were observed and recorded by the product design team

  • Pain points and opportunities were identified 


02 Gather Data

  • Quantitative data indicated which areas were most used

  • This informed new product prioritisation


03 Understand User Needs

The product team worked with AWAL colleagues to bring to life key users and understand detailed journeys.


04 Ideate, Prototype & Test

  • As a team, we created a Beta architecture and sketched out key flows

  • Detailed wireframe prototypes were tested on users, which the whole product team observed

  • Prototypes were extensively reworked after each user testing round


05 Create a Shared Vision

Worked with designers, branding, and developers to create a production-ready vision

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