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User-focused design transformed conversions on the Sales Listing Viewings Request Path.

01 Problem presentation

Zoopla wanted to improve conversions from a user viewing a listing to making a viewing appointment, for both rentals and sales.  Particular pain points were the Viewing Contact Form engagement and submission.

As a Senior UX Designer, I was tasked with improving this conversion rate.


02 Clarifying the problem

I decided to drill down into each step on the conversion path.  I created an experience map and organised company-wide participation. 

The map became the basis of multiple workshops, focusing on pain points and opportunities at each step on the path.  Red stickies were pain points, and green and yellow were opportunities.

All of the business had an open invitation to pop into the design room and leave their comments on the experience map at any time.


I collated this experience map into a set of insights as well as a detailed list of pain points and opportunities for each step of the conversion funnel.


03 Identify opportunities

For each step on the conversion journey, I researched best-in-class examples and recommended opportunities Zoopla could implement.


04 Opportunity Mapping

I presented an optimised conversion funnel as well as an optimised user journey through this improved experience.


05 Create & Test Prototypes

Using the idealised consumer user journey as a guide, I created a mobile first responsive prototypes of the journey (mid-fidelity):
Home -- Search -- Search Results -- Listing -- Saved Properties -- Request Agent Viewing

The prototypes went through many iterations and upgrades including:

1)  A new monthly costs module - a key opportunity

2)  Cleaner search results and the ability to access saved searches

3)  Clearer area and transport info

4)  Integrated agent contact CTAs

I tested the prototypes both in person and online ( I strove to test 5 people a week every Friday at the Zoopla office.


06 Release

The revised journey was released in stages with the monthly costs module going live first as a plug-and-play feature.  This feature alone contributed greatly to an uplift in revenue for Zoopla due to its partnership with uSwitch.

Other features that went live such as cleaner search results and the integrated agent contact CTAs improved the essential conversion funnel pathway.  

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