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The Challenge

Improve Zoopla's Viewing Request Conversion Path

Zoopla wanted to improve conversions on its critical path - the Sales Listing Viewings Request Path

- while also re-launching the site in a responsive format.


01 Conversion Journey Analysis

The journey was visualised and conversions were defined


02 Conversion Journey Map

An experience map was created with company-wide participation. 

The map became the basis of multiple workshops, focusing on pain points and opportunities at each step on the path.


03 Best-in-Class Comparison

For each step on the conversion journey, I researched best in class examples in light of company feedback.


04 Opportunity Mapping

The experience map and research was collated to create an ideal journey


05 Create & Test hi-fi Prototypes

  • The new responsive journey was visualised as a hi-fi prototype

  • Various tests including one-on-one, guerrilla and were conducted

  • Developers worked with UX and design to create functional modules, starting with the monthly costs module

  • This key module alone greatly increased targeted conversions

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