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The Challenge

While at AMV BBDO, I completed three projects for Guinness: Strategy and Re-design 

Guinness Storehouse Ticket Purchase Design 

Guinness Amplify Music Festival and Artist Booking


This is a snapshot of the Strategic planning and Re-design Project.

Guinness was facing declining market share in the fast evolving beer industry and needed to modernise its brand message and digital presence to reach new audiences while preserving its heritage.

01 Current State Analysis

The current and future digital states were envisioned through concept diagrams 


02 Competitor Analysis

The potential for Guinness was explored through brand comparison exercises, culminating in a case study of Red Bull


03 Strategic Planning

A new digital ecosystem and high level road map was visualised


04 Goals and Requirements

Granular requirements were created from business goals and user journeys


05 Concept Exploration

Quick throwaway wireframes articulated the creative vision for the brand


06 Detailed Design Vision

Detailed interactive prototypes and glossy design concepts were created to sell in a creative vision.

Within an agile environment, the vision became a fresh global brand personality & purpose.

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