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I illustrate recreationally and am delighted when it enters into my product design.

My Grandma's House
Mother goat with kid
Salmon Feeding
On Capitol Hill
My Father
My Mother
Helmour Snuffle
Factory Landscape
My Piano
Seaside Lunch
My father's childhood

Oil Painting

I embarked on a project to learn how to paint in oils using traditional approaches, as a response to the wonder I felt discovering Renaissance paintings.  I also took part-time Art History courses at Birkbeck University, London, to further understand this incredible artistic period.

I now know that Renaissance painters are even more astonishing than I had originally guessed!

Some considerations such as colour theory play into my work as a product designer.

Electric City
Soho, New York
Sunrise, Central Park
Times Square
Narrow Daylight
Storm Watching
Soft City
Sandys Row, London
Tribeca Morning

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